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Why I Believe In The Digital Economy

My Story: How I Got Here

You might be wondering how I got here, why I started this site and why the heck you should listen to what I have to say! 🙂

I hope that the following snippets of my life story provide some insights into my enduring search for a business model that would give me the time and money freedom that my heroes like Tim Ferris, Robert Kiyosaki (and now Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross), talk about in their epic lifestyle-by-design works.

For a long time I dreamed of:

  • Working Less
  • Earning More
  • Working from Anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection
  • Living life on purpose
  • Retiring Young, and Rich
  • Becoming a Millionaire

It took many years, tons of reading, research, mis-steps, failures, successes and a butt-load of learning! But I finally came across the right system, at the right time, in the right place for me.

In getting here, I've amassed gigabytes worth of PDF downloads, Free videos, Giveaways, DVD collections, Sales Letters, Audios, you name it - I bought it! (Not all of them good)...

I can't even fathom what I've spent on my extra-curricular education!! But it'd be 10's of 1,000's of dollars.

Since around 2003-2004 I've been on a search for early retirement. The magic bullet product, download, DVD series that was going to guarantee me a bazillion dollars in 30 days! Guess what? It don't exist kids....

I'm sorry to say, but real success - at least in terms of creating time & money freedom - comes from hard work, diligence, a systematic approach and (here's the secret sauce) creating a scalable system that works whether you're running it or not.

But here's the good news! These systems do exist, and with the right commitment you too can live life on your terms, whilst working in a business you're passionate about, and making more money than you ever dreamed of!

So if your eyes haven't glazed over from boredom yet, read on to find out about my journey from there to here, and go check out the links in the "Solutions" area to find my secret treasure-trove of productivity, business, wealth creation and investment tools (including the business system that finally allowed to me to escape the Rat Race and live life on demand).

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