This is Who I Am & Why I'm Here

You Might Be Wondering Who I Am & How I Got Started With The SFM...

My Story: How I Got Here

You might be wondering how I got here, why I started this site and why the heck you should listen to what I have to say! 🙂

I hope that the following snippets of my life story provide some insights into my enduring search for a business model that would give me the time and money freedom that my heroes like Tim Ferris, Robert Kiyosaki (and now Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross), talk about in their epic lifestyle-by-design works.

For a long time I dreamed of:

  • Working Less
  • Earning More
  • Working from Anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection
  • Living life on purpose
  • Retiring Young, and Rich
  • Becoming a Millionaire

It took many years, tons of reading, research, mis-steps, failures, successes and a butt-load of learning! But I finally came across the right system, at the right time, in the right place for me.

In getting here, I've amassed gigabytes worth of PDF downloads, Free videos, Giveaways, DVD collections, Sales Letters, Audios, you name it - I bought it! (Not all of them good)...

I can't even fathom what I've spent on my extra-curricular education!! But it'd be 10's of 1,000's of dollars.

Since around 2003-2004 I've been on a search for early retirement. The magic bullet product, download, DVD series that was going to guarantee me a bazillion dollars in 30 days! Guess what? It don't exist kids....

I'm sorry to say, but real success - at least in terms of creating time & money freedom - comes from hard work, diligence, a systematic approach and (here's the secret sauce) creating a scalable system that works whether you're running it or not.

But here's the good news! These systems do exist, and with the right commitment you too can live life on your terms, whilst working in a business you're passionate about, and making more money than you ever dreamed of!

So if your eyes haven't glazed over from boredom yet, read on to find out about my journey from there to here, and go check out the links in the "Solutions" area to find my secret treasure-trove of productivity, business, wealth creation and investment tools (including the business system that finally allowed to me to escape the Rat Race and live life on demand).

My Journey...

Giving myself a J.O.B

You know I've never worked a 9-5 job!? I started my advertising business straight out of university (graduating in truly mediocre fashion from a Marketing, Comm's & Advertising degree), at the tender age of 22 - specifically because I detested the idea of being chained to a desk for the rest of my life.

And here I am. 12 years later. Chained to a desk... hmmmm...

Technically I'm not chained, because I'm my own boss, BUT I can't leave the business and have it function. I took my first proper holiday in 2009 - 7 years after my business started! Then due to almost catastrophic mental malfunction I took off on a 10-week climbing trip through South America in 2010 - this caused a huge shift in my perspective on life, work and that balance thingy I'd heard people talking about.

Don't get me wrong, I love my business. But the Ad world is a tough slog, and 10 years of irregular pay cheques (if any), difficult clients, massive competition etc takes its toll on one's enthusiasm.

So I basically had hired myself into a really tough job, with huge financial and life security stress and next no income! F*&%ing great job so far Chris! *thumbs-up*

My 'Creator' profile

Over the years I've always been a creator - within my business and without - building new companies, add-ons, product lines, sales strategies, growth strategies - continually looking for that ever elusive Golden Goose!! (damn he's a slippery little sucker)

It took some time, but I finally worked out that being a Creator simply means that I am awesome at creating things - ideas, companies, products, designs. But completely shit at the daily minutia of "working in" a business.

Well maybe not completely shit, but let's say, I do not enjoy it. It doesn't make my heart sing the same way creating a new company, or building a new online brand does.

Now I know, all this means is I need to use Leverage to allow my businesses to grow - without me in them! ...(unless I choose to be)

The budding Entrepreneur

Here's a few of the businesses I've created over the years:

  • My first business was a desktop publishing company, aged 22 (2002)
  • This evolved into a full service digital advertising agency over 12 years. We now service Australia, UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East (2003-current)
  • Created a niche interactive agency to target Middle Eastern clients (2007)
  • Created the digital arm of a Financial sales firm that sold custom CRMs to Mortgage Brokers (2008) - this was the first time I'd discovered the idea of "residual/passive income"
  • Co-Created a wildly popular online portal for the global advertising, film and creative industry (2004-present)
  • Founded and built a digital business aimed at rock climbing enthusiasts: (2009)
  • Founded the Torque Group, to support my real estate and investment interests (2013).
  • Started this site ( to document and share my journey from regular Joe to Internet Millionaire, living life by design, working from anywhere and finally escaping the Rat Race!
  • Founded and built Business Accelerator Academy ( a community to help entrepreneurs and business owners leverage exponential technology to accelerate their businesses into the future (2014).

If you need it, Learn it: The FSO Model (Figure Shit Out)

Through the years I've never stopped learning, if my business needed to go in a new direction, I learned the skills I needed to make it happen.

If a client asks for a flash animated car chase game (true story!) - and you've never done that before, what do you do? You learn how the F&*% to program a car chase game in Flash!

As an end result I'm a Designer, PHP coder, CRM builder, BDM, Accountant, Flash designer, Animator, Video editor, Leader, Manager, Strategist, Social Media specialist, Marketing expert, Website builder, WordPress developer..... and so forth.

I like to get my hands dirty. I love creating. I do NOT love the daily minutia.

I don't regret for a second the things I've learned "because I had to" to grow my businesses - but again, in hindsight I wonder how things might have changed had I employed more Leverage earlier on and just had someone who knew what they were doing do the work for me.

How valuable is your time?

Tectonic Shifts (of the mind)

My head really started to shift when I read Tim Ferris' epic lifestyle-by-design book "The 4-hour Work Week". What a brilliant concept! Here was a way to live an amazing life, and run successful businesses - working less, earning more, and living a life most only dream about!! Wow. Mind = Blown.

The more I learn, the more gurus I seek out, the more I see the same pattern - leveraging OPT and OPM (Other People's Time & Money) is the ONLY way to create a life of rich Experience, Freedom and Passion.

Becoming a more awesome "me"

Everyone is awesome just the way they are, but sometimes we come to realise that there are things about us that if we were able to develop, augment, adjust, we would become unstoppable awesomeness factories!

So I read all the books: from "The Richest Man in Babylon", "Unleashing The Giant Within", "The Secret" to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" "The Science of Getting Rich",  "Think and Grow Rich"...the list goes on... (you can shop my recommended reading list here)

I've attended Personal Development trainings, workshops, weekend retreats... I've had Life coaching, Business coaching, Financial coaching, and of course Personal Training to get the guns firing 🙂

The take away? There is always someone further down the journey than you, and there is no faster way to get where they are than by asking questions, doing what they do and learning what they know.

Nothing beats mentorship and coaching in achieving your dreams. Find someone you like, listen to them, digest the information (and validate it for yourself) and if it feels good and makes all your good bits tingle, listen, learn and take Massive Action!

To Infinity & Beyond

So where to from here?

Well, having you (yes YOU!) here reading this page is the first step. I hope that through this site I can show you a few things. Introduce to the resources, books, systems and tools that really changed my life and my businesses.

I promise that whatever I recommend to you will only be the most market-leading, brain expanding, life changing thingy you can use to catapult you from where you are to where you want to be.

I have personally used EVERY product, service and system on this site! And each has added multitude benefits to me and allowed me to leverage myself to the max; by massively improving my efficiency, productivity, awareness, income generation, learning etc.

So, welcome! I really hope you find value in these tools, in my story and are the type of person who is committed to living a life less ordinary, exploring new possibilities, pushing your limits and comfort zones and achieving at the highest levels of human potential.

A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step....

Take your step today, and let's enjoy this journey together!

Digitally Yours - Chris

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